About Us

Because of God’s great love for us, we are growing in our love of Christ, in our relationships with one another, and our ministry in the world.

Because of God’s great love for us

  • We are a Gospel-Driven church which means the Gospel is the foundation and empowerment for everything we do because the Gospel is Jesus Christ
  • The Gospel is that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, defeated sin and death, rose victorious and offers his gift of grace to all who believe
  • The Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe therefore it is not the mere entrance into salvation but is the empowerment for the Christian Life
  • The Gospel shapes our ministry and mission to be in line with Christ’s purposes for our lives and His world through the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit

 We are growing in the love of Christ

  • Gospel-Centered worship
    • What Christ has done for us is the pattern of how we worship and the reason that enables our worship
  • Kingdom focused prayer-
    • Praying that Christ’s kingdom will find a more full expression on earth as it is in heaven until He returns
  • Seeking the Glory of God
    • Our ultimate goal in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever
  • Authentic Spirituality
    • we are growing which means we have not arrived and will not until Jesus returns or He takes us to be with Him. Our lives are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit who changes us to be more like Christ through repentance.

We are growing in our relationships with one another

  • Gospel-formed Community
    • As the Holy Spirit convicts us and frees us in our lives, we are enabled to love one another as Christ has loved us. Forgiviness, forbearance, extending grace and love are all components to grow in deepening community.
  • Relational Vitality
    • What God has done for us in Jesus (the Gospel) empowers and gives life to our relationships. As we focus on Christ as the One who gives us significance, security, and worth, we are able to love others more selflessly. This means we will rejoice in the things that cause them to rejoice, weep over the things that cause them grief, because the Holy Spirit is enlivening our affections more and more to be like Christ’s. And Jesus loves us deeply.
  • Contagious Joy
    • God promises that the He gives believers peace in the deep places of our hearts that causes joy to erupt. This is not some superficial happiness over the things of this life that fade. We can find some measure of joy in these things, rather God, through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for those who would receive Him by faith, works the greatest joy deep in our hearts that erupts into praise of His goodness and grace. This joy is like a spark that creates a wildfire that spreads to those around us. It is not a joy that avoids or ignores that pressing problems and catastrophes of the day. Instead it is a joy anchored in the deep places of the soul whose trust is in the Lord, looking forward to that Great Day when Jesus returns and does away with sin, sorrow, grief, and mourning once and for all.

General Information

Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church
224 Midway Drive
Bristol, Tennessee 37620
P: 423.764.8729

Pastor: Rev. Andy Moehn

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00AM – 11:00AM

Around the Church

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